JavaScript must die (ASAP)

JavaScript it’s a cancer of modern software development industry

Big claim, isn’t it? Well, I’m sure I have a right to say that. I’ve been using suffering from JavaScript in last 10+ years. Really, I can’t remember anything good about this shit language since I started to make money on programming being freelancer. I’m not mean, I just had enough. And please, don’t take this article personally, you’re not a programming language you use.

I’m a normal developer.

It means I’m not genius and I can’t and wouldn’t keep whole program code and it’s complicated flow and branching in my head. I’d rather delegate this boring work to computer and focus on business logic as much as I can. I’m certain, there are about 2.5 really good developers who can write good code in javascript. But probably they don’t as they are busy talking on conferences ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You cannot avoid JS

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Safe and sound code with kotlin

Following my first talk about writing safe code in kotin at London Kotlin Meetup #2 I recently had one in Saint-Petersburg. It was organised by Spb Google Developers Group, namely by Oleg Makarov. Event took place in the most appropriate place – place where kotlin was born – Jetbrains “Universe” Office at Vasilyevskiy island (it’s not kotlin island as someone might think :D).

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US trip: observations about American English

I recently visited USA(California) and I want to share some observations about language
Just a reminder – I’m not a native speaker but grew up on American English, thanks to videos, forums, music and podcasts. Nevertheless I’m living in UK and as you can guess English here is a bit different.

During the trip I collected short list of different words which are common in American but not in British English:

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RPI Zero scan button

While I was finishing wireless scanner and printer server I realised that traditional document scanning approach is not so nice from UX point of view.

I really like the way office scanners in multi-functional devices work. Normally if you want to scan you just load stack of paper into and put your email address. Scanner does the rest and in minute you’ll get ready-to-use pdf file in your inbox.

I was thinking about having button attached to RPI Zero which initiates scanning and document upload.

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Итог 2016

2016 год вышел сложным и судя по всему не только у меня. Вообще в конце года появился какой то тренд в этих ваших интернетах собирать что было плохого в уходящем году. Но какие-то позитивные итоги подвести все таки надо – еще один год позади как никак

Шутка для нердов про сложный 2016 год:

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Spanish: 200 дней с duolingo

В феврале этого года я взялся за испанский с помощью duolingo. Если кто то вдруг не знает – это сервис для изучения языков. Я бы сказал он именно для

  1. начала изучения – когда человек ничего вообще не знает. Так сильно проще выучить базовые слова, выражения, послушать и как то промямлить фразы, научиться комбинировать всё это вместе.
  2. поддержания ритма занятия – каждый день зелёная сова напоминает тебе выполнить свой минимум. Они считают streak – количество дней которые подряд занимался. Ладно 7 дней жалко потерять, а 30? 100? И всё, просто нет прощения. Где бы ты не был, чем бы не занимался – до 23.40 будь добр найди интернет и сделай минимум.

Помимо этого на дуо очень забавные фразы и дискуссии, читатели моего твиттера наверное уже устали от скриншотов с дурацими фразами в духе “My sister thinks she is normal, but I do not / Mi hermana pequeña piensa que es normal, pero yo no” – зато очень легко запоминается

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Udacity: Machine Learning for Trading

Recently I’m interested in ML in terms of trading and I found course on Udacity platform which dedicated exactly for this topic.

Course structured as 3 big chunks:

1) Data reading and normalisation, vector algebra, regression using python(numpy, pandas) – mostly practice-focused
2) Market mechanics is for whom like me who doesn’t know anything how trading works. Module covers market data and some market indicators like Daily Return, Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, etc. It’s less practical but it’s still possible to code all formulas provided
3) Machine Learning overview. This module mostly about ML approaches, mostly focused on Q-Learning. It’s mostly theoretical, hence you have to go deep into details of implementation yourself. But yet it gives you sense of variety of options you’ve got.

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