Easter Egg from Google

Easter Egg is a hidden feature in the software which can be only activated under particular conditions. Software developers had a long history of these jokes. Because often day-to-day work is boring programmers put some fun nearly inaccessible unrelated features into the software.

Google Search used to make a lot of them in their early days, but more recently(~2015-onwards) company is not didn't give many reasons to write about them.

In December 2020, people on Twitter found out a cute Easter Egg in the Google Search:

Looping video displaying Easter Egg from Google Search suggesting to correct user's input from vi to emacs and vice versa

You can see how google suggests "vi" when the user is searching for "emacs" and it vice versa.

Vi? Emacs? What is all about?

Both vi and emacs are developer-productivity centric terminal-based text editors. They also happen to be one of the oldest editors ever created. Often, the discussion of vi vs emacs quickly turns into the burning holy war debate, when two opinionated camps are trying to convince each other the benefits of the chosen technology. In these encounters, nobody is listening to each other, as usual, it happens on the Internet.

In this particular Easter Egg Google Seach is trolling around that old-as-world never-ending holy war of what editor is better.

Sorry folks, I'd go with nano =P