RPI Zero scan button

While I was finishing wireless scanner and printer server I realised that traditional document scanning approach is not so nice from UX point of view.

I really like the way office scanners in multi-functional devices work. Normally if you want to scan you just load stack of paper into and put your email address. Scanner does the rest and in minute you'll get ready-to-use pdf file in your inbox.

I was thinking about having button attached to RPI Zero which initiates scanning and document upload.

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RPI Zero: print & scan servers

I had to make old printer and scanner wirelessly available over local network. It can be done using wireless printer USB adapter but it's not that cheap and still doesn't support scanner

Obvious choose is using Raspberry PI with linux installed. Before I heard a lot about RPI Zero but could never believe that it costs just £5. Actually it is just £5 and +£2.5 delivery fee. Surprisingly there are no other options except of first class delivery!

Long story short, I put here main steps how to setup print and scan servers on small Raspberry PI Zero:

General configuration

Upgrade RPI software
To access most recent features and freshly created bugs make sure you use most recent version of RPI firmware. To do so run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

Static IP
Assign static IP for your raspberry. The easiest way is configure your router DHCP server. Just bind mac address to nice IP in your network, like, later in this post I

Reduce graphic memory fraction
If you aren't going to use video how to

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Lenovo S10-2 & linux

Уже год пользуюсь нетбуком от Lenovо - крайне довольный. Простенькая печатная машинка - помошник, который всегда на связи.

Яндекс.Маркет загоняет всё описание в одну строчку таким образом:
Atom N270 1600 Mhz/10.1"/1024x600/1024Mb/160Gb/Wi-Fi/3G/WinXP Home

С самого начала на нём стоял WinXP и пробная версия MS office. Мелкомягкий офис сразу же был заменен на openOffice. Поставил весь джентельменский набор разработчика - NetBeans, FAR, Total Commander, SVN, чё то ещё.. Целых несколько дней мы с вендой терпели друг друга

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Термины: хаб, свитч, роутер?

Что за ругательные слова?

Всё это - сетевые устройства. У которых разный уровень "умения". Их общая задача - передавать данные из одного места в другое. Попробую немного прояснить что к чему на простом языке.

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