Installing docker-machine on Raspberry PI

One of the nicest things about docker is reproducibility and containerisation. It is possible to run multiple applications which requires different environment on the same computer and make them live happily altogether. Although Raspberry Pi has ARMv7 instructions set, we still can run docker on it - we just need different images. One would be surprised there are some official images available on docker hub.

The configuration can be very simple - literally two commands in terminal, thanks to widely available devops tools such as docker-machine and ansible. Having this setup there won't be need to login to the RPi and perform any manual configuration per service anymore. Instead, services can be configured and deployed right from your computer.

If you don't have your Rasbperry configured yet refer to previous article for the initial setup.

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Setting up Raspberry Pi without Monitor

In this post we will setup and configure Rasbian for your RPi to be instantly available via local network and without screen on the linux or mac system. Those steps should be appliable to any Raspberry PI version

To start with we need a few things:

  • Raspberry PI itself
  • 8Gb+ SD Card, class 10 at least
  • Ethernet cable to connect RPi to the router
  • Downloaded Raspbian Lite zipped image

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Project Update: PronounceMe – implementation details

I have several post about the PronounceMe project experiments - automatic video and voice generator for English learners. If you missed previous posts please review #pronounceMe for more information about the project, ideas behind and some statistics. In this post I'd focus on the technical implementation with some diagrams and noticeable code snippets.

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Flashback: links2 browser in modern web

Some of us still remember natty command line browser called links2. Personally I used it quite a lot when system broke again after minor update of linux kernel or rebuild of gentoo. Nowadays most of linux updates happen smoothly and don't require us to serarch for fix in text terminal without running X server. But it was very different 10 years ago

Let's see how modern website look like in links!

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Nexmo Voice API demo: voicemail app

This article features voicemail service built using Nexmo Voice APIs and Spring Boot

As a business owner it's not always easy to handle huge volume of calls 24/7. On another hand each customer is important and it deserve to be served well.

To kick off development you can checkout demo repository

What to expect in this tutorial

In this tutorial we build simple voice mail forwarder where callers asked to leave a voice message which will be sent to the email using Nexmo Voice API as an attachment.
Example of result:

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RPI Zero scan button

While I was finishing wireless scanner and printer server I realised that traditional document scanning approach is not so nice from UX point of view.

I really like the way office scanners in multi-functional devices work. Normally if you want to scan you just load stack of paper into and put your email address. Scanner does the rest and in minute you'll get ready-to-use pdf file in your inbox.

I was thinking about having button attached to RPI Zero which initiates scanning and document upload.

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RPI Zero: print & scan servers

I had to make old printer and scanner wirelessly available over local network. It can be done using wireless printer USB adapter but it's not that cheap and still doesn't support scanner

Obvious choose is using Raspberry PI with linux installed. Before I heard a lot about RPI Zero but could never believe that it costs just £5. Actually it is just £5 and +£2.5 delivery fee. Surprisingly there are no other options except of first class delivery!

Long story short, I put here main steps how to setup print and scan servers on small Raspberry PI Zero:

General configuration

Upgrade RPI software
To access most recent features and freshly created bugs make sure you use most recent version of RPI firmware. To do so run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

Static IP
Assign static IP for your raspberry. The easiest way is configure your router DHCP server. Just bind mac address to nice IP in your network, like, later in this post I

Reduce graphic memory fraction
If you aren't going to use video how to

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Мой сетап

Основная машина

ASUS x305 - в принципе устраивает во всем. Как всегда хотелось бы полегче

  • 12Gb, 256Gb SSD, i7
  • Британская раскладка клавиатуры, поэтому по началу было тяжело.
  • Тачпад говно, но не так плохо как в ноуте от Юлмарта. Как миниум два пальца распознаёт при скролинге по обоим направлениям
  • Батарейка нормальная - заряжается за час, хватает на 4-6 часов
  • В целом вроде не плохая машинка, выглядит довольно крепко

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64 бита хватит всем

Мне постоянно почему то говорят, что на десктопе нужно держать 64х битные системы. Говорят как люди, которые не могут объяснить зачем это(первый их аргумент - больше 4гб памяти не будет видно быстро; сходит на нет при упоминании PAE), так и программы, которые грозятся, что скоро прекратят поддержку 32х систем (привет android sdk).

Для меня основная причина держать 32х битную систему на десктопе - это то, что памяти всегда мало. Чтоб бы ты не делал, особенно если пишешь на джаве или держишь виртуалки/контейнеры :)

32х система

Запущенно: chrome(6 вкладок), apache, mysql, mongodb
Рабочая машинка

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Digital Ocean – правильный хостинг (+$10 в подарок!)


UPD @2015 - халява
Перейдите по этой ссылке чтоб зарегистрироваться и получить $10 бонус на счет бесплатно(этих денег хватит 2 два месяца!!)

Наверняка у вас есть сервер, и скорее всего не один. Вы несёте деньги за виртуальные сервера в Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Hetzner, Rusonyx или, может быть, платите за shared hosting таким компаниям, как ruCenter, sweb, godaddy, sprinthost и прочим громким именам.
Всегда, конечно же, хочется оптимизировать расходы и не потерять качество.

Те, многие из вас кто является разработчиками, или как минимум близки к разработке чаще выбирают виртуальные сервера - может быть не так гламурно, ибо нет никакой панели управления, зато есть полный контроль над операционной системой и, собсвенно, root доступ.

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