Bye Ubuntu, hello Pop!_OS

A month ago, I switched from Ubuntu to Pop Os, which wasn't an easy decision.
I've been using Linux as the desktop OS for the last 15 years, ten years of these - with Ubuntu, since 8.06. I always appreciated Ubuntu because it just works, unlike other rivals. It was stable and reliable OS I can rely on. Canonical invested a lot to the UI and UX, namely in Unity, as to me it's a game-changer and productivity booster.

But as Ubuntu developers and maintainers have chosen a different path. Long story short - the system becames very unstable and buggy, with poor user experience, Unity has been deprecated. Snaps are either broken or partially working. That made me look around in search of better desktop Linux, and after considering and trying a few options, I stopped at Pop!_OS.

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Lenovo S10-2 & linux

Уже год пользуюсь нетбуком от Lenovо - крайне довольный. Простенькая печатная машинка - помошник, который всегда на связи.

Яндекс.Маркет загоняет всё описание в одну строчку таким образом:
Atom N270 1600 Mhz/10.1"/1024x600/1024Mb/160Gb/Wi-Fi/3G/WinXP Home

С самого начала на нём стоял WinXP и пробная версия MS office. Мелкомягкий офис сразу же был заменен на openOffice. Поставил весь джентельменский набор разработчика - NetBeans, FAR, Total Commander, SVN, чё то ещё.. Целых несколько дней мы с вендой терпели друг друга

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