Project Update: PronounceMe – implementation details

I have several post about the PronounceMe project experiments - automatic video and voice generator for English learners. If you missed previous posts please review #pronounceMe for more information about the project, ideas behind and some statistics. In this post I'd focus on the technical implementation with some diagrams and noticeable code snippets.

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New project: PronounceMe

I'm a big believer in the power of API Mesh and automation at scale. In December 2018, I got an idea of the project for potential passive income I started to work on in early January 2019

The Problem

For me, English is a second language. Although I read in English since 14 and speak since 20, there is a long way to go. As for Eastern, the pronunciation is incredibly challenging, especially while living in the Great Britan. There are 1 billion people for who English is not the first language.

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Nexmo Voice API demo: voicemail app

This article features voicemail service built using Nexmo Voice APIs and Spring Boot

As a business owner it's not always easy to handle huge volume of calls 24/7. On another hand each customer is important and it deserve to be served well.

To kick off development you can checkout demo repository

What to expect in this tutorial

In this tutorial we build simple voice mail forwarder where callers asked to leave a voice message which will be sent to the email using Nexmo Voice API as an attachment.
Example of result:

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Android: не используйте String.isEmpty

Ни eclipse ни intellj Idea ни android lint не предупреждают, что String.isEmpty() появился в Java 6, и после Android 2.3.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.String.isEmpty
at pro.ezway.carmonitor.entity.TroubleCode.hasTitle(
at pro.ezway.carmonitor.ui.fragments.TroubleCodesFragment$TroubleCodesAdapter.getView(
at android.widget.AbsListView.obtainView(
at android.widget.ListView.makeAndAddView(

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Android: информация о устройстве

Иногда требуется получить общую информацию о мобильном устройстве программно: Какой производитель? Название устройства? Версия ОС?

Может быть полезно как для статистики использования, так и для, например, формирования уникального идентификатора устройства (очевидно, что не все поля для этого подойдут)

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