Flashback: links2 browser in modern web

Some of us still remember natty command line browser called links2. Personally I used it quite a lot when system broke again after minor update of linux kernel or rebuild of gentoo. Nowadays most of linux updates happen smoothly and don't require us to serarch for fix in text terminal without running X server. But it was very different 10 years ago

Let's see how modern website look like in links!

1. Google

I bit noisy than I expected

2. Gmail Login

Very clean

3. Twitter

Surprising result!

4. Microsoft

Good job Microsft!

5. Reddit

I expected more

6. Amazon

A bit messy but usable

7. gov.uk

Bravo, gov.uk is one of the well made government websites I ever seen

8. GitHub


9. W3C

Unsurprisingly fine

10. Tech Crunch

Very well, I think it's the best from what I've seen

Bear in mind there no JS allowed in links2 browser! I'd say overall result is surprisingly good, many websites are still usable

This post is inspired by Chris @codepo8 were he used lynx browser which is a grandpa of links2