Discrimination by OS

It's hard to be in minority. I wonder how many people even thought that there is a discrimination by OS?

People who born before 1990 might remember that message from the beginning of millennium "this website requires Internet Explorer" to run. That time minority (macos, linux, bsd, solaris) had to run a virtual machine with Windows just to access some websites. No kidding.

Nobody liked it, people felt oppressed and that caused a very strong emotional feedback for Microsoft. Having no other options we managed to use internet and Windows-only focused hardware. As a Linux user I remember those conversations with macos users - we all were in the same boat. We were "pricks".

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Project update: Alexa London Bus Stop

A while ago I have published post about the first skill for Alexa I developed. Personally I use it since then practically every day and I found it very useful. I didn't even bother to check analytics since, well, it does work for me and I expected people to use it as well if it's useful.

Thanks to my wife, I recently learnt London Bus Stop skill:

  • still in the top 30 skills in the area because I'm receiving $100 credit for AWS every month;
  • it's not listed anymore! That fact slipped through the cracks!

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Новое поколение линуксоидов

Они уже здесь

Филосовские мысли на тему десктопного линукса и его пользователей

\"Бородатый, волосатый и в свиттере\" - такой стериотип о линукоиде сейчас разве что в шутку вспоминают. Сейчас сложно поверить, но раньше так и было :) И это были те самые гики-хакеры, которые делали совершенно непонятные вещи в своих мерцающих зелёных консолях. Это выглядило как \"шаманство с бубном\", не иначе.

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