Ubuntu 18.10 on Macbook Pro 2018

Nah, it's not a joke

Unfortunately, I was forced to use MBP at work. It's easy to imagine how exciting it was for someone who been using Linux happily for the last 12 years. I don't mind that many people are using it and think they're happy and somehow productive but I do take it personally when the operating system or hardware manufacturer significantly disrupt my productive habits and enforces behaviour which slows me down without giving anything back in return

Being openminded I was trying to use it for a few days, I even promised that won't yell in the office annoying my colleagues(but broke promise after few minutes)

Eventually, after 4 days I decided to install the fresh Ubuntu 18.10 instead of this inadequate but nice looking OS and get the classic keyboard with all keys. One might be surprised but I heavily use F-keys and not only for the software development. I see zero reasons why would I add additional keystrokes making typing process more like playing the piano to achieve something I don't need.


Don't waste your time installing Ubuntu on MBP 2018, at least anytime soon

But if you have some time...

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20-23 апреля 2010 года в Санкт-Петербургском Государственном Научно-Исследовательском Университете Инфорационных Технологий, Механники и Оптики состоялась седьмая ежегодная Конференция Молодых Учёных, приуроченная к 110летию университета.

Была поданна просто уйма заявок(700+ человек), в различные секции, например можно попробовать полистать программу конференции. Секции были не только технические, но и мелькали гуманитарные. В общем на любой вкус и цвет можно было выбирать куда идти.

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