My podcasts subscriptions feb 2018

Every once in a while I publish list of podcast I listen, so you might find something interesting
I do listen podcasts literally every day - in the gym, while walking, on bus, on lunch breaks. I'd say podcasts give me about 80% of all news and help me to discover new things, not only in technology. It's a massive source of information which doesn't take dedicated time anlike books or blog posts

Some time ago I switched playback speed to 1.2x, it was a bit unusual in the beginning but brain has adopted to that quite fast and now I don't really feel any discomfort. On another hand I save 20% of the time for other episodes. I found funny effect - after this speed people seem to speak very slow :D

As before, I'm using BeyondPod client and very happy with it. Recently they don't do updates often but it's because it's already mature enough :) Highly recommend it

In English

To make it easier I split them into topics of interest

Popular science & tech news

  • ReplyAll - one of the first and best podcast show(or even "radio theatre") by Gimlet Media. They highlight stories about internet affecting our daily life. Very high quality entertaining show.
  • Science Vs - show about facts, produced by the same podcast company Gimlet. In each episode they find researches on given topic, building science-proven bigger picture to debunk myths
  • The Wired Podcast - UK version of famous magazine in IT. Every week they discuss various news in hi-tech world in very informal way
  • Freakonomics Radio - one of the first English podcast I started to listen. Two economics professors are taking interviews with scientists, doing their own researches and find non trivial correlations between weakly connected events. Can't say I listen it regularly but sometimes
  • More or Less: Behind the Stats - if you see life through statistics, like me you'll enjoy it. Be ready to crunch a lot of numbers, it could be tiring.
  • Ubuntu podcast - London based podcasters are having relaxed talks about technologies around Ubuntu and open source in general
  • The Bad Crypto Podcast - I'd say it's crypto-tertainment show around cryptocurrencies, they highlight cryptonews and interview cryptocompanies involved in ICO in very amusing way. If you crypto-curious you'll enjoy their crypto-conversations! Stay bad ;) (с)


  • StartUp Podcast - original podcast from Gimlet, it started as a public notes of the founder but in recent seasons they tell stories about another startups. Very well made show
  • The Indie Hackers Podcast - show from the indiehackers community, where entrepreneurs interviewed about their life and how they endup with current businesses.
  • The Pitch - another show by Gimlet(as you can guess they do very well!). You can think of it as a Shark Tank but in audio - entrepreneurs are pitching their businesses in front of investors. Also, there is followup after show, hence there are updates from the projects
  • The Smart Passive Income - podcast where interviewed entrepreneurs share their ideas about passive income. Unfortunately it became more like self-advertising platform so I skip most of the episodes
  • Company Casebook - highlights startups and established businesses in UK and people's stories behind.
  • The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten - two startup founders are chatting about different aspects of the business.
  • The Rocketship Podcast - is very different from other mentioned here as they focus on interviews with well-known established companies, everyone heard of


  • Fragmented Podcast - guys are discussing different aspects and news in Android development world, explaining patterns and approaches, sometimes inviting guests.
  • Learn Spanish - podcast for beginners in Spanish, can't say it caught me yet but definitely good source for beginners

In Russian

Да, я слушаю много подкастов на русском, чуть более регулярно что англоязычные

  • Радио-Т - классика технического рускоязычного подкастинга. Новости из мира IT и программирования в виде развлекательного шоу. Собственно самый первый подкаст который я вообще стал слушать
  • DevZen - подкаст ориентированный на программистов, интересные глубокие обсуждения новостей и технологий, очень много про базы данных, распределённые системы, алгоритмы практическое применение этого всего в реальной жизни. Хорошее качество звук
  • Хекслет - организован на основе курсов программирования. Ведущих касается очень глубоких, фундаментальных основ программирования и объясняет всё очень простым языком. Очень хороший расказчик, удивительно как он умудряется делать это без доски или видео
  • Разбор Полётов - нынче подкаст обо всём около разработки, несмотря на высокие ЧСВ ведущих и частое обсуждение междусобойчиков на конференциях бывает интересный контент. Большая часть коллектива - деврелы.
  • Рунетология - состоявшийся подкаст про бизнес в рунете и не только, хорошее качество звука, интересные гости из известных компаний, интересно составленные интервью.
  • UWP - Еженедельный подкаст Умпутуна - не выдуманные истории из жизни в америке, бывает инересно послушать. Умпутун отличный расказчик с хорошей аппаратурой
  • История Культуры - создан Арзамасом, аудио лекции про историю разных культур и об разных исторических событиях