Checklist for the new contract/job

Interviews for the new contract or job aren't easy thing to do. Many conversations about technology, business requirements, team work, responsibilities are going on in very short period of time. Often it's easy to forget about secondary questions which are still important but don't affect much final decisions

Since I'm very passion about what I'll be doing I personally often forget to ask end customer about that.

My short checklist:

  • ☑ How often do I need to work from the client's office?
  • ☑ Do I need to use company's laptop? If so, confirm operating system.
  • ☑ What are the working hours? Any flexibility on it?
  • ☑ Contract length - will company consider extension?
  • ☑ Notice period
  • ☑ Check NDA to ensure it won't prevent myself from working in the similar industry
  • ☑ Ensure that company is okay with about any known upcoming holidays
  • ☑ Team size and responsibilities

To avoid surprises for both sides it's worth to send followup email with confirmation of what has been said.