Duolingo: 1 year streak

It's been 1.5 years since I started to learn Spanish on duolingo. Unfortunately I lost my previous streaks a few times due different reasons excuses so I started it over.

I want to share some of my feelings and thoughts about that milestone.

Well, I feel nothing. I was more proud of myself after I made 15, 30 days streak. After 3 months I felt somewhat special as well. Other numbers are just nice numbers - 123, 200, 222, 256, etc.

So why so? Because none have never got pleased of the habit of cleaning teeth every twice a day. And this is a very good thing, it means it became daily routine.

At that point I'm grateful for duolingo that they had formed a learning habit and now I'm able to getting better constantly without finding dedicated time in the don't-have-time schedule. Mindset got upgrade from question "Shall I do exercise today" to "Shall I learn something apart of daily minimum"

Are there any noticeable results?

Before I can answer on this question let's calculate how much time I spent in total. Normally I finish daily exercise in 25mins. So in total it too 25*365=9125minutes = 6.3 days of my life. Assuming you're working 8hours a day it's 9125/60/8 = 19working days.

Quite impressive number, isn't it? Math doesn't lie, or at least it shouldn't.

Currently I can speak very basic sentences and understand some phrases from native speakers. For instance I can ask "where is a bus stop" and roughly understand direction. Or order coffee with sugar and ask to add ice after. This is a very nice things but still very beginning

So, did it worth it? I'd say yes. I made a lot of mistakes and and I learnt a lot of lessons about efficient exercising. I shared them in blogpost. Unfortunately I spend few months doing minimum for the easiest topics. It's difficult to be always up to learn every day, we are all humans :)

Will I continue to learn?

Sure yes. It's not even a question

But I have to consider other more advanced ways to learn like articles and videos

I hope you feel the same, wish you best in your learning