Safe code with kotlin – slides from meetup

I had my first talk at Kotlin London meetup #2 about writing safe code.

You probably know that I really care about productivity, hence writing safe code is very important part of software development for me. I want compiler check things during compile time not to have exception in production when business can suffer. I want to code business logic not reinvent checks and write tests(especially unit tests)

There is no video recorded but I have my presentation shared:

Also, all code snippets are available on github ruXlab/safe-kotlin-features-showcase

Personal note

It's been a while since I had public presentation.
Before I had only one public presentation in London - at Nexmo, which was internal, only for my colleagues. It was about kotlin as well
That's it. Back in Saint-Petersburg I had a lot of public talks, sometimes even few times a week. Hopefully I can return back on track :)